Our School Day

We use Creative Curriculum® as the inspiration for our classroom planning as well as for our individual student assessment. Each of our classrooms are physically arranged to support Interest Areas – one of the fundamental components of the curriculum. We are a play-based preschool, and believe that preschool-aged children are most natural when at play and when they have a choice in what and how they’re learning. Our job as their educators is to structure their classroom and their day to support this play with a purpose. You’ll find the teachers on the floor or at the tables with the children throughout the day. We work to move each child to the next level in the different areas of development.

Our Daily Schedule:
Each day your child will learn through a
variety of methods:

*Large group rug time – children are welcomed and unit of study is discussed. Stories, songs, finger plays, and creative movement are introduced as well.

*Small group time – children are divided among the classroom teachers for small group instruction in curriculum.

*Interest Areas – provides independent and cooperative play, both indoors and outdoors, in a variety of learning centers. It’s the largest block of time in
our day – lasting an hour on most days.

* Snack time – encourages social conversations, table manners, and sharing of healthy snacks provided by the school.

*Gross motor/Outdoor Play– children can play games and participate in teacher-led activities or have free choice time in an outdoor centers setting.


Guiding our school day are the following five principles:

1: Positive interactions and relationships with adults provide a critical foundation for successful learning.

2: Social-emotional competence is a significant factor in school success.

3: Constructive, purposeful play supports essential learning.

4: The physical environment affects the type and quality of learning interactions.

5: Teacher-family partnerships promote development and learning.