Parent Partnership

Communication with families:
Weekly, two-way communication is a required component of each classroom at St. Timothy’s. Two-way communication is vital because we want parents to know that their comments, questions, or concerns are truly welcomed by the staff. Electronic communication is the preferred method of communication at our preschool because it’s environmentally friendly, saves in paper and ink costs, and is very convenient for opening up the lines of communication.

Parent Volunteers:
We LOVE parent volunteers! Research tells us time and time again that one of the key components to a child’s success in school is dependent on the parent’s involvement. Ways parents can volunteer include: reading aloud to the class, helping the teacher at a small group activity, presenting a specialized talent, cultural practice, or occupation and helping with class parties. Family members are welcomed and encouraged to volunteer in our preschool classrooms.

Parent – Teacher Conferences:
We foster partnerships with our parents through two conferences during the year. On these days, we close the preschool so that our teachers may have sufficient time to meet with every family. This is a time to discuss assessment results, concerns, and your child’s development in our program.

Moms and Dads Days/Nights:
In April, each class will host a Moms Day when the child will invite his/her mom or other special woman to join us for a portion of the class. A snack, baked by the children and a craft will be offered as well as some classroom fun time. In May, each class will host a Dads Day or Night when the child will invite his/her dad or other special man to join us for a snack, baked by the children, and a project that will be created together.

One of our Core Beliefs is that the parents or guardians of each child are a vital component of their child’s early childhood learning. Therefore, we offer Fellowship opportunities for our preschool families. We provide, free of charge, play dates twice a month throughout the summer. Siblings are welcome and an adult stays with the preschooler. Thematic activities are offered, as well as a healthy snack.

We host a Trunk or Treat night around Halloween!

We also offer, at least once a year, a Family Movie night where the preschool families enjoy a movie, snacks and fun!